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Inspired by the documentary "Beer Wars" I have taken on the daunting task of profiling a different beer every day in the month of November. The idea is to shine a light on some of the fabulous beers that don't have huge advertising budgets and don't command shelf space in the local super markets. These are the beers that you will find in the local taverns served by people who know and love beer.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4 "Fusion 4" from Lagunitas Brewing Company

Day 4 brings us back to Samuel Hornes Tavern on Sutter St. in Folsom for Lagunitas Pint Night.  Both Lagunitas' Fusion 4 and Little Sumpin' Wild were featured tonight.  Buy a pint and keep the Lagunitas Mason Jar pictured below.

Although I love a Little Sumpin' I had to profile the more obscure of the two.  The Fusion 4 is part of Lagunitas' experimental draught series.  Most of the experimental draughts are very difficult to find outside of their brewery in Petaluma, CA.  Fusion 4 is a fusion of a Belgian Golden Ale and an Imperial Pilsner.  It boasts an ABV of 9.4% and is made with Westmalle yeast and lagered for 8 weeks.  Fusion 4 is crisp, lightly hopped and has a bit of a bite to it.  Enjoy one while you can if you get a chance to find it at your favorite tavern or try to get to the brewery before it is gone.

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  1. I thought you'd appreciate knowing that even us folks all the way out in Virginia are tapping a keg of Fusion 4 tomorrow night at Lost Dog Cafe.

    looking forward to a pour!