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Inspired by the documentary "Beer Wars" I have taken on the daunting task of profiling a different beer every day in the month of November. The idea is to shine a light on some of the fabulous beers that don't have huge advertising budgets and don't command shelf space in the local super markets. These are the beers that you will find in the local taverns served by people who know and love beer.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11 "Chimay Red"

Some of you suggested this one from the beginning and I know why.  Day 11 brings us to Morgan's Bar and Grill in midtown Sacramento for a Chimay Red on tap.  Chimay is not your ordinary beer.  

This beer, as explained by Chimay, is "Topped with a creamy head, it gives off a light, fruity apricot aroma produced by the fermentation. The taste perceived in the mouth is a balance confirming the fruity nuances noticed in the fragrance.
Its taste, which imparts a silky sensation to the tongue, is made refreshing by a light touch of bitterness. To the palate, the taster perceives a pleasant astringency which complements the flavour qualities of this beer very harmoniously.
This top fermented Trappist beer, refermented in the bottle, is not pasteurised."

My question was what is a Trappist beer?   It turns out that an authentic Trappist beer is brewed within a Trappist monastery, under the control and responsibility of the monastic community. Only 6 beers in Belgium can carry the appellation "Trappist": Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle, Westvleteren and Achel.

Why would monks brew beer you ask?  Click here for a little more history.  Enjoy a Chimay the next chance you get.


  1. I love this beer. The flavor and richness of this beer is unmatched. You would be hard pressed to find a beer this tasty that also bolsters a 9% alcohol content. Now I know what to bring with me the next time I venture out to Felt's Manor.

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  3. Nice work putting Chimay on your list. Let me know if you make it to the Bay, and don't mind a guest reviewer tagging along.