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Inspired by the documentary "Beer Wars" I have taken on the daunting task of profiling a different beer every day in the month of November. The idea is to shine a light on some of the fabulous beers that don't have huge advertising budgets and don't command shelf space in the local super markets. These are the beers that you will find in the local taverns served by people who know and love beer.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Santa Barbara Edition - Island Brewing's Weiss

Our family vacation brings us to Santa Barbara and more specifically Carpinteria.  Carpinteria, so named by the Spanish for the “carpentry shop” located on on of the few south facing beaches in California. Established by local Chumash tribe  the “carpentry shop” was used for building canoes and other sea-going vessels.  The site was chosen because of naturally-occurring surface tar which was used to seal the boats.  Less than half a mile from what is now known as the popular surf spot "Tar Pits" you will find Island Brewing . This spot is as laid back as it gets.  I could easily imagine myself wasting an entire afternoon sipping each and every one of their brews while sitting in the sun on the ample patio.

For today's post I sample the Island Weiss.  With the phrase "The Weiss is Nice" printed on the lable I had to give it a try.  This unfiltered Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen is bewed from 50% German Pilsner Malt and 50% Canadian Wheat, the result is a refreshing wheat beer with hints of vanilla ,citrus, bananas and clover.   The perfect beer to enjoy while sitting on the patio of the brewery enjoying the sunshine.  The next time you are in the area I high recommend stopping the brewery and sampling their spectatular offerings.