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Inspired by the documentary "Beer Wars" I have taken on the daunting task of profiling a different beer every day in the month of November. The idea is to shine a light on some of the fabulous beers that don't have huge advertising budgets and don't command shelf space in the local super markets. These are the beers that you will find in the local taverns served by people who know and love beer.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Purple Haze" by Abita (supplemental beer number 1)

A recent trip to LA provided me with several hours of "nothing to do" so I pulled up a bar stool at Dillon's Irish Pub at the corner of Hollywood and Vine.  I counted 37 beers on tap and they were all just $3 a pint.  Since I had already tried many of the beers I decided to try something new.

The Purple Haze by Abita look interesting.  Abita's description of this beer reads; "Purple Haze is a crisp, American style wheat beer with raspberry puree added after filtration. Therefore, you may see raspberry pulp in the beer. The raspberries provide the lager with a subtle purple coloration and haze, a fruity aroma, and a tartly sweet taste."

It was definitely worth trying and I would suggested to anyone that likes fruit in their beer.  For me I will stick to a lime in my Corona if I want fruit in my beer.  Luckily there were 36 other choices for my second pint.